About Clarice

BlackandWhiteHello! If you have stumbled upon this lonely and barely worked on blog, I am overjoyed to have you as a visitor and hope you enjoy exploring it!

I am Clarice von Chimo, a girl that loves to read and quietly escape to the writing world in my spare time. Some basic bullets about my writing experience are below:

  • Ohio Poetry Association member – started sharing pieces in Open Mic Nights and staying up on events hosted by the association
  • Ohio Writers Association member – participated in writing courses to learn more about querying and the craft

This blog experience is aimed to improve myself by practicing writing, exploring styles, & devoting more time to it-  because what else is there to do during a pandemic?

I will post a few book reviews when I feel inspired to write about one, haiku to work on my concise writing & imagery skills, & throw in some random posts of course.

**Which may be twice a month, or twice per year since my muse does not have the most consistent attendance record**

Follow me on Goodreads where I rate/review books of random genres when I remember to add them in.

Behind the Mask is a collection of poems I published during my early school years as a mixed style of poetry with some dark and sarcastic tones thrown in. It focuses on the fleeting hidden thoughts adults often have but avoid sharing or exploring- topics of grief, depression, anxiety, love, success, and finding one’s place in the world.

Recent poems were published in the Orange Writers Group Anthology 2019 and a contest collection titled Celebrate the Arts Writing Contest 2019 in Ohio.  If you’re interested, feel free to check out the books at the links above- otherwise, I hope you enjoy my blog or provide constructive feedback if you don’t.

Stay safe & sanitized!