About Clarice

Hello – I am Clarice von Chimo, a business woman with an MBA that loves to read and quietly enter the writing world in my spare time.

Behind the Mask is a collection of poems I published during my early undergraduate years. I’m now trying this blogging experience to enjoy sharing book reviews and explore other styles writing while working on the next collection of poetry.

In 2018 I met a goal of reading over 50 books; for 2019 I’m trying to “read a little less, write a little more”. As I read I will post reviews along with random narratives when I feel inspired to write.

My poems were recently included in a collection titled Celebrate the Arts Writing Contest 2019 in Westerville, OH.  I was excited to have new poems included in the book and explore other Ohio authors’ pieces with all different age ranges and writing styles. If you’re interested, feel free to check out the book at the link above.