Delayed Reviews = Honest Opinions

If you don’t remember anything after spending hours reading it…. it wasn’t good enough, right?

I’ve found the best way to review a book is to walk away from it first.

Drafting a review right after reading may focus more on tiny details, however, delaying and thinking back to the story reveals what resonated with the reader.

The pieces/details that remained in your mind weeks (or months) later show what really is appreciated or unique for the title.

Creating space also allows you to disconnect from the writing style and character connections. This allows you to think back and give a more honest opinion after letting it sit in your subconscious a bit.

Otherwise, if you’re immersed in the story and close the cover to immediate write your review- you’re probably going to be slightly biased in that literary high of “I just finished another book!” feeling. You’ll still have that cozy feeling of the characters being alive in your imagination and potentially feel bad criticizing them (if the author had stellar characters to relate to).

It is hard to find great books, so separate the great from the good – the memorable ones from the “it was good in the moment but now I don’t remember it” types. Give the standout books justice and the honor they deserve.

If it doesn’t resonate with you…. was it worth 4/5 stars on Goodreads? If you look back at the title just a few weeks later and can’t remember what it was about… how could you recommend it to a friend?

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