Book Review: Imagine Me Gone

Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett

I remember thinking “If someone has never truly been depressed or around someone that is struggling with it, this describes how hard it really can be.” 

Accidentally, I read this book twice but it was enjoyable the first time. It was a good portrayal of family progression through years of helping a depressed family member and the toll mental health takes on generations.

It’s not just one person fighting depression, it’s their whole family and friend network supporting that person- trying to find their individual ways to assist. But also touching on the fact it can affect the next generation; the person in the next generation may not be able to fight it as well and family may feel it’s a never ending disease.

Honestly, the second read felt slow and dull perhaps because I already read it and was getting impatient to move on to a different book. It was a definitely a good read the first time though.

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