It’s Ok to be Selfish

Sometimes I look at this blog and feel disappointed. Not with the pitiful number of followers, but with the lack of effort and commitment I put in.

I blog to exercise my mind, practice writing my thoughts, and hopefully bring new ideas to my mind I can include in poetry later on. But I’m disappointing myself year after year by not spending time on this hobby. I set out headstrong and then fall apart after a few months. It’s very obvious if you notice the dates of my postings.

I hear from my friends that they prioritize other things in life over their hobbies as well – they don’t make time for hobbies, feel guilty instead of socializing, or question if it’s worth the money spent on them. It’s common to feel guilt that we spend time on something with little monetary or physical outcome/reward. I am always straining to give my friends encouragement and advice to consider….. that I don’t follow:

  • It’s ok to prioritize passions-  carve out strict time each week or each month to focus on what makes you happy and lets out creativity. Set specific hours and turn off the phone. Focus on what you enjoy.
  • It’s ok to think out goals and make a plan to reach them – finding a balance between a passion versus turning it into a dreaded, restrictive side-job. Set up a personal calendar for events to join or assign yourself due dates to work towards finishing a project.
  • It’s ok to spend some money to develop skills or expand the hobby – especially if you work hard all year and spend money on other activities you prioritize. Buy books, lessons, courses, or whatever may help you grow or enjoy your passions.
  • It’s ok to be selfish and allow yourself to be happy with your hobbies.

“It’s ok to be selfish and have my happy hobbies” I whisper to myself while typing this. I write it on a paper in cursive like a cheap low-effort motivational poster. Taping it behind the computer screen, I hope to follow my own advice this year and let myself be happy.

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