Refocusing for Fall

All it takes is a crisp breeze, two gray rainy days in a row, or the overheard gossip of football and back to school. Then I panic.

I realize fall is creeping in, soon to be winter, and I’ll need to prep to hunker down for “hobby hibernation”. Line up my projects or passions that I can focus on while I’m locked inside for 6 months. Feeling claustrophobic trapped in a boring cold Hell, I dread winter. Although, this summer with coronavirus lock downs has already felt like a drawn out year of hiding. Still, a crisp breeze is all it takes.

The gloomy season is quickly approaching and schedules for fall events are popping up! I set aside some time to think about what I want to accomplish with my hobbies. Mostly though, it’s all about focus and making time.

I struggle to focus on this blog and writing when the weather is beautiful – preferring to run around outside and avoid the indoors. It’s easy to prioritize other needs over a hobby, especially as an adult with more responsibility or the feeling of guilt that you’re spending time on something with no monetary or physical outcome/reward.

Even with trying to refocus for the fall, I end up falling off my own vague plan because it isn’t structured enough to last until spring. But that’s the difference between a hobby and a full-time job I suppose. It’s meant to be flexible and enjoyed when in the mood.

This year, I am going to take this little hobby slightly more seriously to step up my game and prioritize it. I enjoy it and it makes time fly by during the bitter cold months- so why ignore something that helps me cope?

This year, my aim is to make a slightly more structured plan for the next several months … and stick to it. Hopefully. Recommit, refocus, whatever word that basically means “find a better balance and get some shit done”.

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