Book Review: The Princess Saves Herself in this One

the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace

Every poem was 1-2 shallow, brief, cliche sentences that could be found on Insta merch, Tumblr posts, or shit at Target (pillows, tote bags, and t-shirts).  This collection of poetry is part of a series that has been all over social media and heavily marketed in magazines… and should probably stay there.

I could not connect or find any outstanding piece to appreciate. I feel terrible not supporting another young poet – but perhaps I wasn’t the intended audience. Maybe it’s for pre-teens? People with no further depth? Simply part of a Gen Z trend?

Concise poetry can be a challenging art (simply consider the legendary art of tanka and haiku) but it takes talent. It places such intense focus on every chosen word, placement, sound, and what limited imagery may be provided. It can be fresh and eye-opening or deeply brooding… the length is not what deterred me. Simply the content, it was not up to par.

The reviews portrayed her as a strong feminist voice empowering women through emotions of love/success and darker ones of grief.

Instead, it reminded me of a short 1 sentence summary in the diary of a 14 year old girl attempting to write song lyrics like the 2008 era Taylor Swift. And if you want poetry short enough to fit on products – at least make it a damn good effort!

This was one of the poet’s earlier collections published in 2016, so combined with the heavy attention it received, I had expected strong creative words! It is so hard for poets to be recognized in the media.. but alas, another disappointment.


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