Girl, This Self-Help Book Doesn’t Help?!?

Girl, Wash Your Face:  by Rachel Hollis

I think it should be titled “Girl, Go Do Any Task Other than Read this Unhelpful Book”. And categorized as “Memoir Masquerading as Self-Help”.

Self-help books are pretty worthless if the author already started out as a rich white woman living in LA and incorporates 0 effort into offering viable solutions. This woman was clearly rich and looking for a new hobby to suddenly declare herself a successful “self-help” guru.

This book was basically bragging about how the author fixed her own problems with the  most basic solutions possible. After dramatizing her own struggles, the end of each chapter only had 3-4 bullet points of possible “solution” actions to consider. They were not explained or expanded upon how to incorporate them into daily life & obviously no research for why the author suggested these or how effective they can be.

The 10 word bullet point solutions she offers are the most obvious “self-help” daily tasks to be a functioning adult – no new ideas that she hasn’t taken from any other self-help book or off Instagram inspiration posts!

This book may work better for young lost souls or teenagers that are not quite functioning on their own or not yet heard these solutions 1,000 times before.

The author is older than I am and has a family, but I have known these “solutions” since a teenager. I barely finished this trash piece and would not recommend it to anyone. Reading this made me feel more in control and mature than her…. a strange feeling for a reader to have over a proclaimed “self-help” author.

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