Quiet! Introverts Are Powerful Too! (A Book Reivew)

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

If you’re an extrovert: a must read to understand the introverts around you. Learn the value of their hidden strengths and how to appreciate or utilize them.

If you’re an introvert: a must read to understand your own power. Learn to value your skills and have the confidence to use them in a world of extroverts.

Society has conditioned people to assume that “quiet” means “unsocial, nerd, shy, scared, unattractive to invest in” – but research through out this book shows the introverts end up outsmarting and outperforming extroverts. Especially in management, sales, law/legal, and more- their skills lend a unique natural strategy towards success with team work, leadership, problem-solving, and research projects.

Skills of quiet people include thinking through problems from multiple perceptions before articulating a well-thought out solution… compared to an extrovert who yells out in the first minute an answer that has no grounds or validity. Proven fact! Remember that the next time the nerd in the back of the room is waiting before jumping in to participate! (And yes, it will cover strengths of extroverts as well as weaknesses for both sides to consider.)

The book also reviews a cultural shift of what businesses are looking for through hiring processes and career paths based on this data. This book is a great resource for both knowledge of the research findings and inspiration for your own personality type.

My prof in undergrad actually reviewed chapters in our Corporate Finance course – highlighting that while some people hesitate to participate, it doesn’t mean the loudest person in the room is the smartest.  After being in the workforce a few years, I read the full book and appreciate even more the chapters he pointed out to help build confidence in the quiet nerds such as myself!


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