Any Man -Violence & Assault

Any Man by Amber Tamblyn  (former actress on Joan of Arcadia)

Graphic. Violence and sexual assault with graphic descriptions – let’s start with that as a warning before you dive in to this must read (if you can get through it).

I wasn’t expecting these grotesque acts of violence but the author makes her point loud and clear. Any man can also be victimized, and by a woman as the attacker.

It draws attention to a topic not discussed often – male victims are part of the #MeToo movement and should not be forgotten or downplayed.

The story covers the lives of multiple men that have been victims of a female serial rapist & assailant. Each man has a different current situation to bring to light how difficult it is for any victim during and after a traumatizing event.

Whether married or single, straight or gay, rich or unemployed, drunk or sober- men are not believed or taken seriously as victims with a woman attacker. They struggle devastatingly to continue living with challenges of dealing with their spouses, children, families, and police/investigators.

The men’s lives start to intertwine as they meet or try to move past the incidents with varying speeds and methods of coping.

I would highly recommend the book as what the author brings to light will stick in your mind long-term – extreme dramatic violence secures it in  your memory, but tied to graphic images will be the lessons the author successfully instills on you.

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