March Challenge- I’m not a Haiku expert

I’m sure you fellow writers (and bloggers) can relate – sometimes we are so inspired to write many pieces in a day and other times have months of writing nothing. When we do write, we may fall into the habit of the same style or voice.

Consistency is of course desired to develop your personal voice & dependent on the project you’re creating; challenging your mind to try new things can not only surprise you with new options for later projects but also improve your natural voice when you go back to it!

To get the creative juices flowing again through my mind while I’m bored at my day job or avoiding adulting – I’ve decided to do my first Haiku challenge!

Please be kind as I’m no Haiku expert & probably cannot deliver masterpieces.

I’ll try to write a new haiku each day this month and post a few to keep myself accountable. (A few have already been posted directly on Twitter for the first few days.)

Below is what I know about Haikus from English courses years ago – please share any other advice you may have or if I’m missing a key element!

  • 3 lines long
  • 5/7/5 syllable pattern (since writing in English, not Japanese, there is some argument it can be less syllables due to translation but I will try to stick to traditional 5/7/5 with English words)
  • 17 syllables total
  • No title
  • Focuses on nature- observations or views that are “in the moment”
  • Some argue that metaphors & similes should not be used

Join me in trying different styles of poetry this year! ☺️

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