Breaking Up with Books

“Life is too short to read bad books.”

The phrase women in my family use to remind each other that starting a book does not mean you’re required to finish it! Sometimes the guilt of quitting early on in a story is overwhelming. I feel less guilt skipping workouts, running late for work, or telling white lies. But to get a few chapters in and then …. just set the book down and walk away?

My brain thinks it’s unfathomable, my heart goes crazy in confusion!

How could we insult the author and characters by giving up? Are we giving it a fair chance if we don’t fully complete the story? How could we make judgments this early on?

It’s important to remember there is no teacher that will discipline you for not finishing an assignment, family will not whisper about how you gave up after 6 chapters, and librarians will not break down your door claiming illegal reading! 

If a book caught your interest by title, cover, synopsis, reviews, etc. – you owe it nothing. If you don’t fall into another world while reading – maybe it isn’t the best one for you. So why torture yourself by reading something you don’t feel connected to? Wouldn’t you rather move on to another title you might fall in love with and finish in a day instead of dragging yourself forcibly through a slow 7 days of this title?

Reason with yourself that it’s ok to quit and move on when reading for pleasure… just a random PSA/reminder for my fellow bookworms out there. That’s all – have a nice day. 🙂

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