Not Everything is Written for You

As both a reader and writer, it’s important to remember that not every piece of literature was written for you. Authors do not write to specifically target you personally – and it’s ok to admit that “hmm maybe I’m just not the intended audience for this piece”. It’s also ok to acknowledge that while you haven’t fallen for it – that doesn’t mean it’s bad writing.

Maybe you don’t feel connected to it, entertained, or impressed – but no matter what, please don’t blame the author directly on a personal level. There is a distinct difference of critiquing work between focusing on the piece itself versus a personal attack on the writer.

Most writers are open to constructive feedback … but on the actual writing. They do not want to hear personal attacks or intimidating ridicule on how they don’t have enough experience yet, do not follow your personal preferences on style, or captivate you even if other fans love the work.

It can be the difference of a helpful critique versus trolling/bullying.

Again, they aren’t looking for personal attacks. I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy that either – so just a friendly reminder to please provide supportive comments in a kind tone…. even if it’s simply not a genre or story that pulls you in.

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