Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore!? Where are we?

Pondering this line and monumental moment for Hollywood – I often wonder what would happen if Dorothy awoke to Cleveland, OH instead.

Would the gray-scale film even change to color?

It might. After 8 months of drab cloudy skies and snow! She may not even notice the wicked witch’s feet under the fallen house until the day-long fog clears. Or hear the munchkins’ voices through the roaring freezing wind chills- anywhere from -30 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit!

I picture how different the scenes would be and imagine that is how people from more sunny states feel when visiting Cleveland!

I worked with a young man from South Carolina who didn’t believe how dark and depressing the winters become in Ohio. We were shocked he would give up the beautiful blue skies of the south to move here. Our group of friends tried to explain that SAD is real! Almost contagious in this state and becomes more debilitating the close you go to Cleveland.

We tried to warn and prepare him – but he laughed it off thinking we were just trying to scare him to pull a prank! I can fully report that we are halfway through winter where we rarely see the sun from October through May. He has since admitted we were correct in our warnings!

He is bewildered, negative, and acting as a different person than when he started as a cheerfully exuberant extrovert. I don’t believe he will last long and will look for other locations to transfer to… can’t blame him as I look for those opportunities myself!

But while I’m chained to Ohio it at least lifts my spirits to think of Dorothy’s young naive face if she saw the gross weather of Cleveland in place of the sparkling yellow brick road! I can giggle in my cubicle like the sad crazy winter-hating person I am … if I grew up in the depressing views of Cleveland – traveling to other cities can only be that much more exciting and beautiful!


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