The [Surprising!] Surrogate

Surrogacy would have been a ludicrous solution centuries ago and of course there are groups against the practice today for varied reasons. However it is becoming more acceptable since being magnified by movies, media, and of course Kim Kardashian.

This thriller has a woman paranoid about her hired surrogate – is her baby’s life in danger? Is her own life in danger? Is her marriage crumbling in the background?

Mixed in are the complexities of hiring a surrogate that a soon-to-be mother would be paranoid and concerned about! It includes a marital argument regarding the high costs, trust of choosing a surrogate, legalities of the unborn child’s guardianship, worry of miscarriages, and the awkward delicacy of conversations with family or friends surround the situation

Of course it sets the reader up to expect that the surrogate will steal the protagonist’s husband to create a new family – and leave the paranoid infertile wife out on the streets. Seems like a reasonable plot and potentially a realistic threat, right?

I was about to give up on the predictable plot a hundred pages in -but thankfully I was so wrong! The last hundred pages are riveting with twists and unexpected events of the past for both the husband and wife – ending with the reveal of how trusting some marriages can be built on terrible secrets. Seriously, terrible – not the typical cliches.

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t give up on the plot early on and will now look for other thrillers from this author!

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