Poetry with lines that are heartfelt and filled with longing to find the right kind of love as a young woman… you can see how the author uses the power of simplicity to keep thoughts short yet impressionable.

Her voice isn’t hidden behind millions of hard-to-crack 1800’s style metaphors – but attuned to the thoughts typically in ones’ head when contemplating the “love” concept. Easy to get lost in for a few afternoons, it drew me to reminisce on my own experiences.

This collection of poems is a debut for the author, Leandra Mayfield, detailing her own hardships of dating and the beauty of falling into the arms of people that may not stick around. Recently published December 31st 2018  – this collection would also make a great gift for young women or friends working through their own struggles in dating with the inspiration that some things simply take time to find.

Leandra was also a student at Bowling Green State University a few years ago and it is always interesting to further know a peer’s experiences from their revealing writing voice. The eBook is now available on Kindle or as paperback through Amazon.

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