Where’d Ya Go, Bernadette?

Quirky and dynamic! Movie will be released in August 2019!

The author, Maria Semple, wrote for popular TV shows Arrested Development and Mad About You – this book carries the abnormally entrancing air of the Arrested Development characters.

Piecing together all kinds of emails, letters, invoices, etc the daughter of a missing woman tries to grasp what really happened while stumbling upon family secrets (of course). While the end is not a complete shocker- the more interesting aspect for me was how dynamically some of the supporting characters change.

They not only change in who’s “side” they’re on during the mystery, but their writing style on the emails/letters changes clearly from pleasant to sarcastic to passive-aggressive. The author did a great job of developing how each supporting character is understood and perceived from the documentation.

This book will be released as a movie in August and I was eager to read it before trailers really bombard the media outlets! I enjoyed Bernadette’s sharp wit and agoraphobia throughout the novel therefore I am very curious how Cate Blanchette will  portray her. Kristen Wiig is the “gnat” Audrey – one of the impressionable supporting characters – and I’m sure she will infuse additional humor and smart-aleck replies to the role.

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