One Thousand White Women

This one is about the US Government making a deal with the Cheyenne tribe to provide 1,000 white women as wives/baby-makers to assist with assimilating native Americans into the white man’s world/dominance in the 1860s. The government specifically chose criminals or insane females from asylums to participate in this “secret government program”.

But hold up, the US didn’t actually accept the deal- the author’s note desperately wants to make it clear this is historical fiction and a plot of “but what if?!”.

While the title and concept is extremely intriguing, the plot is rather predictable and slow. It easily could portray the protagonist’s adventure as a solid 200 less pages (it’s 435 total). Thankfully the narrator’s voice is entertaining with light-hearted humor and a little sarcasm thrown in towards both the native tribe and enemy white men.

The story has the reader contemplate if this radical idea could have possibly worked or somehow eased tensions when the two cultures started colliding. Beginning with the tribe living in peace away from settlers, it obviously rolls towards the white men pillaging villages and tensions between different tribes.

A decent relaxed read to fall into the time period – yet I’d say the title/concept was more captivating & impressive than the actual story.

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