Belittled Bookshelf

I fall into the common mistake most bookworms have – rushing home on adrenaline with a bag full of new books from the library’s book sale, aligning them on the shelf carefully based on cover color or height, restraining myself from reading the first chapters of each one….. and then forgetting that they are even there.

The books sit there patiently waiting to be chosen for my full attention. I can’t imagine how they feel on that shelf longing to be in my hands & practically glued to me as a best friend while they share their story for a week.

Yet I keep offending them!!

I run along to the library like a spoiled brat looking for the next new shiny title recently published while the ones I’ve invested money (and previous excitement) in are left watching my betrayal.

This spring I’m going to focus on the beauties I own – even if it’s “every other one” mixed with library books. There are a few classics in the featured pic I’ve been longing to read but somehow haven’t fallen into yet!

Far from the Madding Crowd is the lucky first title and I am holding myself accountable to make slow progress through it! It won’t be a fast one day read like a thriller novel but I keep reminding myself “it’s ok to read slower to enjoy deeper literature & classics”.

P.S. I finally added the over 50 titles to Goodreads that I read in 2018 if anyone is looking for suggestions!

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