Unfortunately …I Can’t Stop

This used to be my favorite word. It still is, I just can’t admit to it during work hours.

Before 2018 I would have used this word nearly every day talking, texting, writing, posting, thinking – you name it! “Adverb Queen” as my mother calls me, I can’t fathom living without adverbs and specifically (haha) common ones for when you’re just not feeling 100% positive in life.

Unfortunately, I started a job that requires omitting the word and job performance can significantly drop by using any negative words. Phone calls are recorded and reviewed – if any negative lingo or slang is used you immediately lose points on your score. If it’s overheard around the office you’re ridiculed by co-workers to force the habit out of your mouth and mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I would survive my 90-day new hire training.

As you may have guessed – it’s a service job speaking with customers all day and it would be poor marketing to say anything negative or insinuating something bad could happen. I was instructed to replace my foul addiction with super obnoxious happy lingo.  There were other words in my vocab however “Unfortunately” was the most prominent and as natural to me as saying “Hello”.

I have now been clinging to the words “perfect” “certainly” “of course” “sure” (which New Yorkers apparently pronounce as “Shore!” I have learned) for a year now. These come across as happy little filler words during conversations where clients may be upset and need their mood flipped around.

In college I noticed all the HR recruiters would exclaim “Perfect!” after every 3 sentences or so as if they’re a childish bubbly cheerleader that was just handed a puppy for free and owes the person above-and-beyond displays of enthusiasm.


I now sound like that between the hours of 9am-5pm… and I hate myself.

Not really, but .. kind of... really.

I must give credit to the service standard since some days my renovated vocabulary now improves my own mood. When I deliver bad news or complain about my life to friends I’ve noticed I still avoid negative words. It’s the new bad habit I can’t seem to break… even away from work I feel guilty if “unfortunately” somehow slips through my mouth! My conversations are now (mostlyyy) sounding more positive but unfortunately I still have heartache and will always love the word – even if used quietly in my own head.

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