Goodreads Newbie

Is anyone out there a pro on Goodreads? Old school logging on with a computer shows a completely different experience than the app! Looking for any help fellow bloggers/readers may have -I’ve realized I have been missing out on the many uses other than just organizing books on shelves and keeping track of titles/ratings! And as always, looking for new friends to meet and share recommendations with – you can see my top rated favorite books here … hint hint..  My Favorite Books on Goodreads

I finally set up my profile today and added the 50 books I read during 2018 – along with a few extra ratings on some classic titles. I’ll be adding the ones I’ve read so far for 2019 soon so they can count toward my Reading Challenge this year… we will see if I achieve it again. I’ve been hitting 50 books each year since 2015 (or extremely close when in grad school)! With the added challenge to also keep up with some book reviews I’ll be in for quite a time-consuming hobby.


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