Failed Resolution: Here we go again..

I have had the same list of resolutions for years – trying to improve myself as most of us were taught to do from a young age. As a child I first called them “revolutions” Mixing up the words but came to defend it as we are *technically* revolting against our own habits or being. This was the logical reasoning of stubborn child; also this same stubbornness is pointing to why I have the same list for years and fail to revolt against myself!

I set about an overly ambitious list of 20-30 items to focus on improving in various areas of my life. I can only officially cross them off once I make the improvement a continuing habit, therefore fully implementing a changed behavior instead of acting once and calling it an achievement. If it’s not crossed off it’s repeated the next year. Needless to say “be less stubborn” has been reigning at the top of the list since 2012… and I wish that were a joke. But some aspects are more challenging than others.

This blog has also been something I have failed at year after year. It was started in 2012 as part of a college honors course requirement & each year I told myself I’d add to it to try the blogging experience….. but it would only last 2 weeks each time. I haven’t even logged in since 2015.

This year I might fail again on this front but at least I’m trying to revolt right? I’ll set reminders in my phone for accountability each month & now that there’s an app option that may make this much easier to post more than every few years!

People may not read the posts or care what I spew out into the internet void but at least I’ll give the “blogging experience” once last try. It’s different to write & possibly have immediate views, likes, or comments instead of writing poems that won’t be seen for years. So here we go stepping out of a comfort zone this year to try blogging regularly!

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