Saturday: A Failure

As I posted a few weeks ago, I began reading Saturday by Ian McEwan in my spare time. Sadly, as a busy college student I discovered that this is simply not a novel to be quickly read in my limited spare time. I gave it a fair shot, since I was warned that McEwan often has a slow start to each of his novels. However, over a hundred pages of a slow-moving and nearly too in-depth exposition was not within my patience level. I got through the first two chapters and had to set the book aside for another time to finish. I felt that trudging through the quick sand of an introduction was actually wasting hours of my limited free time!! I now givc the warning that it is not a quick read that can be flown through during a spare hour here or there. This book definitely calls for patience. Disappointed, I marked it on my list of books to come back to this summer when I have more leisure time to enjoy a more intricate novel. Needless to say it was a sad day having to give up on a book that I had hope for.

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