Avril Lavigne Single, Boasts A Naked Cover

Twitter Thursday! Although it is early on Thursday, this article definitely peaked my interest on Huffington Post’s tweet. As a fan of the young, grungy and pessimistic Avril- I have watched her grow into a young woman, wife and now sliding towards pop star instead of rock! Her last album from 2011 caused excitement in the US but ended up only have about 3 hit songs to make the charts. Apparently now she is working on another single to be released April 9th and seems (from the mostly naked cover photo) that she still struggles between acting her age and still acting as the sometimes slutty-attitude filled teen she used to be.

It will be extremely interesting to see how this new single sounds as a hint to what her album might be like…. displaying whether her lyrics/talent have become more creative versus just more similar to simple Katy Perry pop songs. I’m not saying she MUST grow up to be mature- but please, Avril- learn to find the balance for the between-the-sheets raccoon eyes mixed with the responsible adult life you now lead. We understand you have attitude and sex appeal- but show us through your musical talent and not nude photos that lessen the respect levels!

‘Here’s To Never Growing Up,’ Avril Lavigne Single, Boasts A Naked Cover.


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