Morgan Stanley- Feminist or Foolish?

Well, it’s Twitter Thursday! Today I found an interesting tweet from the Huffington Post “Morgan Stanley Wouldn’t Invest in Itself Under New Strategy” leading to the article. Morgan Stanley holds a large name in the business world as a top investment bank with an array of financial advisors and future savings advisors.

The article clearly describes that the plan will encourage clients to invest in top companies that are led by women in order to influence and support other women in the business world. However- the companies on the list must have at least 3 female directors. Morgan Stanley does not. The biggest trend in the world today is that women are out in the world working hard to finally become viewed as equal with men- and they are doing it by bonding with other women. At first, you might think women would be starting cat fights on the office floor as they are forced to not only compete with themselves for positions of power, but with the millions of other men in the world that still make 20% more. (Thanks to the fact that women still make only .80 to every man’s dollar.)

Instead, they are coming together to fight the war of the sexes. It is not an outright declared action but definitely a non-verbal one that is becoming more and more noticeable. Women are meeting other women, striving hard to find similarities in each other for a few minutes in order to create huge feminist networks. As my dad always says “women promote women”. They have lists of colleagues on their mind in several different fields and will gladly try to recommend the top female for the job. It could be female instinct at first, but is also the underlying stress of competition and trust to help push each other up the ladder successfully. This type of unannounced teamwork could be the vital key to helping finally raise women to stand by men 1:1 after a hundred years of struggling!

So is Morgan Stanley on to something by creating a huge acknowledgment of women and helping them to gain clients? Yes. But are they foolish since it goes against their own company? That is for you to discover but please leave me your opinion as I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts! I think that Morgan Stanley has simply created the idea to give a huge push to the business world and their company. Business women could easily relate to and target female clients better than a business man would; and many female clients trust other women with their money as they feel that female investors can relate to the new age priorities and mindset well. Morgan Stanley will not only use this idea to gain female clients and trust or promote other women-in-charge companies but also promote their own company by now landing their name on every newspaper and media site in the world. Let’s admit we haven’t heard too much about Morgan Stanley in the papers lately- this feminist move might help to jump-start their name back up with The Goldman Sachs Group, Merrill Lynch and Co., Citigroup Global Markets and Linsco Private Ledger.  They are the first of the competitors to add announce this type of option and they clearly won’t be investing in their competitors. And who knows, just because they can’t invest in themselves now doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan.  They might have something simmering on the back burner, especially if this portfolio idea takes off well. Morgan Stanley might join the list of having 3 female directors over the next several years to upstage the competition, keep up with the feminist movement… and fall right into their own plan.

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