It’s not just one day, it’s an adventure…

Cover Art for Saturday, from Ian McEwan‘s website

Today I started reading a national bestseller published in 2005- Saturday, written by Ian McEwan. The New York Times brags that it is “Dazzling…Powerful…McEwan has shown how we…live today” and I plan on finding out if this book is actually worth the praise it has received. The short synopsis given describes the plot of a London man setting out on his usual Saturday activities and then ends up in some sort of adventure in order to save the life he is used to- all due to a small traffic incident. Seems as if this could take the path of a surprisingly gripping tale or fall off to a dull exasperated tale.

Starting out by describing a typical week for this well-known surgeon, the first chapter is quite long at 52 pages. But within this extended exposition the main character has sleepily (not to mention randomly) gotten out of bed and wandered to his bedroom window to observe the night. What he thinks is a comet at first turns out to be a plane soaring through the night sky on fire about to explode or crash into the ground. The plane leaves the man’s sight as he closes the blinds to climb back into bed…………

Check back for how suspenseful it might end up being and whether it’s worth picking up or not!

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