Listen Uppppp!!!

I must say that this book is much more interesting as I love to read narratives that give true insight into real-life situations (especially to display the modern world and dilemmas of feminism) in society. I stayed interested since each story is completely different however the first one stuck with me for a while.

“Bloodlove” was extremely interesting, since it was one of the first feminist pieces I’ve read it seemed to fit the typical stereotype of “i hate men, will shave my head to be treated equal as a man, do radical drastic things” that most people assume of feminists. Not every narrative was like this however- several were just laid back people that at first one would never guess to be such a strong believer in feminism. “Bloodlove” presented the common issue in society of women being sexually harassed on a daily basis and often by teachers in schools and I enjoyed reading that a woman would be brave enough to write about her own experiences and how it made her feel, however I feel bad for her that she could not get anywhere with firing the teacher. Perhaps without trying to (or maybe she does) the author then brings up issues about injustice in school systems– especially when dealing with issues concerned with females and the boards of education see it more as “young girl drama” than actual dangerous issues. I love that the girl would write down her thoughts and feelings to get stuff out because that is often what I also do- no matter what subject it is it can be helpful or therapeutic to let it out through writing. However with certain passages in her short story I ended up confused as to whether they were supposed to be her thoughts, her written thoughts, or what exactly they were from. They were clearly in a different voice (and font!) from the major narrative voice and the diction changed to sound more complex or deep. It just would have been more interesting for me for the author to actually state where each inserted paragraph was coming from.

Overall, “Bloodlove” was one that stuck in my mind but there were several others that intrigued me and forced to think about a variety of issues. Unfortunately it would take up a lot of space and time to completely share my thoughts on every single part of every single story. Listen Up is quite interesting with different perspectives and I will definitely recommend it to several women I know. 🙂


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