Origin of Species : Chapter 4

While Darwin’s theory has been mentioned many times throughout my classes in school- I never actually read deeper into it. Probably because it is a bit confusing and I had to reread each paragraph to make sure I was grasping his concept correctly- so it took some time to get through. However I never really questioned his theory on natural selection and how species can grow out from the first being into multiple different variations. It always made logical sense to me- that obviously the strongest animal would survive being able to protect itself, find food and be healthy enough to reproduce and keep passing along it’s more valuable genes so that it has a line of powerful beings. Such as a prince marries a queen to start reproducing to create multiple powerful, rich children who then produce more and more so that that princes attractive and smart genes (and money) are passed down creating a greater family or “empire”. But maybe that’s just me. I found it easy to believe based on fossils and scientific facts that prove that we have slowly changed over time to become what we now are. Mixing this with my Roman Catholic background is of course interesting- while in my head it’s that God created the world in a week (which if I think about it I will admit that must be a metaphor for time and the dinosaurs must have been 2 days before Adam and Eve and then God changed his mind and wiped them out thinking he could do better) and created Adam and Eve. From there Adam and Eve decided to reproduce and reproduce and up until now we slowly changed and adapted just like all the animal species did. How 2 people were able to have sex- and boom- make more than ten billion people in the world today ……. doesn’t really make sense. So it’s possible (in my mind) that God also made different “Adam and Eves” in different “gardens” of the world changing them and making variations- and that’s why we all look quite different in different areas. And yes- maybe some of us came from monkeys, because Darwin could be right- but there was still Adam and Eve somewhere in the world- unless they were just the first two “monkey humans”!!!!  Sounds crazy- but somehow I just go along with this idea to solve the mystery in my own mind.

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