A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Well this was extremely long but I did try to stay focused and made it through most of it! Wollstonecraft has several interesting ideas to share about women and it’s hilarious that she says she will ignore some of the pretty and soft elegance of women when speaking- even though she uses beautiful language. But it is a good idea to strip down women when speaking of rights instead of seeing them as a flowery nice wonderful thing- but just as another human animal as men are seen- competitive, protective, and strong. If you leave women being thought of as nice creatures that is how they will always remain… which is possibly why men always thought why should we educate nice calm women when they are calm and content in their place? This was of course wrong for hundreds of years- there were always women trying to break out of the role. There were always strong women- they just were ignore or were forced to keep their thoughts and competitiveness in their head. Men should have started educating women early on instead of waiting so long- women clearly are worth more than men just in the fact that we can multitask. We can study while cooking dinner and conversing with friends and going over our goals/to do list in our thoughts … all at the same exact time. It’s been proven men can’t. And we are competitive- women go after what they want ferociously. If you want it in the flowery cute way- a woman will claw her way to the front of a sale line, stab homewreckers in the back to keep their men in a marriage, go out of their way keep (or possibly hide) a reputation. We are strong, powerful- just in different ways than men. And I’m glad this writer decided to take aware the vulnerable and weak aspects of women and just observe them as a normal species.

Also I read Anna’s article and I agree with her on how Wollstonecraft took a different look as women being alluring, seductive mistresses. I also can support Anna’s claim of having friends that only come to college to work on their MRS – in other words an “Mrs.” for marriage. While I also have friends like this that I try to encourage to live their own life- I suppose it must have to do with an old time traditional thought plastered in their mind that that’s all they should do or should want to do. Secretly everyone has that one dream- and these crazy girls need to take advantage of the time and money they are putting in here and use it to accomplish their dream- THEN settle for an uncoordinated non-multitasking male if that’s what they want to waste the rest of their years on. (No offense to men- but it’s ridiculous for a girl to only want to cook and clean after someone that only sees a woman fit for that job- a true man wouldn’t marry a woman with no goals. He would look for someone with drive and dreams and help them achieve them.)

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