Marx- Capital

While reading this I became confused, actually to be honest I was extremely confused. In TTHN it was a bit easier to grasp- other than the fact that it all has to do with economics and I’m nowhere near an expert in that field. I started to understand the whole “use value” concept at one point but then towards the end of section one Marx goes into debating that something valuable might not be valuable and from there I realized I would now need to reread those pages five more times just to understand the circle he took me in. Starting off reading it seemed comprehensible but then by the end of the first two sections I felt like his language was not simple enough and needed to be simplified even more instead of taking readers in circles… unless that was only me getting lost.

Towards the end of the reading in section four I did catch on to his idea that Christianity is the religion most easy to relate to a commercial society. Economics has certain aspects that are tangible such as product and the actual money, but involves a number of intangible things such as the stock market involvements and value. Just as in Christianity there is the tangible being of Jesus that came to earth, but the intangible of the Holy Spirit, and the holy place he came from, and God which one must simply follow with faith and the knowledge provided. Noone needs to be born into this religion just as noone needs to be specifically brought into a commercial society since everyone is welcome and does not have as much to do with social class as other theories do.

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