While reading the Kant theories, they at first seemed to be pretty simple (compared to other wordings of ideas we’ve read) but once you read the explanation in a more deeper way and sit back to truly consider it, it actually seems to be more complicated then I first had thought.

The first theory was interesting discussing that humans were made for a purpose and their bodies are also made for a purpose as they keep evolving and growing to adapt to how the world changes.It’s interesting to consider the idea of “aimless nature” that we just adapt perhaps randomly, and I find Kant’s theory to be captivating to think that nature must have a path to follow, a plan for how everything will end up because how would we have started if there wasn’t an ending objective to try to reach through slight modifications? You don’t start a project without an ending goal, even if you start it off a little wrong and need to keep making corrections back on the path towards the goal- you still at least had an idea to start with. I might not have explained that thought entirely well, but after I thought about the theory for a few minutes it did make sense in my mind.

I then found the sixth theory to be extremely interesting. He speaks of humans as animals (which is what we are) and how wouldn’t it make sense that we would need our own human leader just as there are leaders of animal packs? There’s always the one buck leading a group of deer, one king lion for the pack, so we need a top alpha dog to lead ourselves right? Makes sense. However he is also an animal and also needs guidelines while he guides us, and needs a master to turn to…. which immediately made me think of how our democratic government is set up. Obama is our alpha dog for now- governing us and leading us, however we turn to also be his masters as we vote and have other people to overlook his choices. Obama is our master, yet we are also his. It then goes on to speak about bent and straight wood….. and that’s where I got a little lost, but hey I think I got an alright overall idea about it! 🙂

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