The End of Creation

The End of Creation … what a genius title. I’m honestly glad we are done with this book. This was more tolerable to read than The Ten Theories of Human Nature but since it was crammed into only two weeks I felt as though I was overloading my brain trying to speed read through the pages instead of being able to slow down and actually enjoy the story line and appreciate exactly how it is mixed with so much information. Many quotes are impressive and thought provoking, however I felt that I didn’t have time to just sit back and let my mind wander about the quotes when there was 200 more pages to read.

One thing that bothered me was that after I had spent so much time reading this book titled Creation, I sat back and thought “Well, now, what did I learn about creation?” ….. and my mind was pretty much blank. The book does a great job of describing main philosophers and creating an interesting timeline to describe culture in different areas of the world so long ago. But it barely talks about creation which confuses me and leads me to think that Gore Vidal maybe should have chosen a different title since the back of the book and beginning claims to discuss creation, but in all reality it’s more about an adventure and discussing religions while barely even touching on the “big important subject” of how the universe was created.

Another difficult thing I found is that by reading about this character Cyrus, I couldn’t tell if Vidal was inputting his own beliefs and ideas when Cyrus spoke throughout the adventure, or if all of Cyrus’ thoughts were supposed to be only Cyrus’ thoughts. If Vidal had meant for readers to recognize or be informed of his own ideas he should have made them slightly more apparent in some way, instead readers are left contemplating what could be influenced or not by the author.


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