This chapter on Buddhism certainly went against most ideas of Hinduism and more in depth telling stories of Buddha and monks which kept it interesting. One story that I found highly interesting was at the beginning of the chapter describing that one will die before hearing Buddha’s answers to their questions. I thought the explanation was decent about the Pali scripture, then to include the story of Malunkyaputta from the Pali Canon truly helped to bring Buddha’s point across that “if you come to me with a load of presuppositions we cannot hope to communicate” (49). To include this at the beginning of the chapter helped an of Buddhism that material things are not important and a person needs to find contentment and not be selfish to know every fact instead of being purely faithful.

There is also another story which helps to describe the idea that a person is not permanent, nor unchanging, nor autonomous self. The story of describing the chariot as being simply a larger symbol of true smaller parts helped to picture and explain the Buddhist idea of the “five attachment groups” that make up a person. I found it interesting as I read through the different components, to see what Buddha valued since there is “no person” other than the five parts. It sounded confusing at first, but the more it is considered, the more sense it seems to make. The ideas of “sensations” seemed intriguing, as there is great detail to describe what is considered a sensation and how it can be either pleasant, unpleasant and neutral. It is interesting to realize that many sensations can fall into each category, however as we go through everyday life we don’t consider what is a sensation or not.

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